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My approach is grounded in finding a human truth and making it resonate to a real person. Finding solutions to challenging business problems is my specialty. Brands I have been fortunate to work on include Chase, Intercontinental Hotels Group, United, Pa'lante HBO Max, Pfizer, and L'Oréal.
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50% Managing

Pragmatic and emphathetic approach to leading, ideating and directing multi-disciplinary teams.
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My leadership, presentation, and mentoring is grounded in four pillars: substance, style, conviction and grace.
• Leading with thoughtful examples.
• Creating inspiring and safe spaces.
• Content with depth and context.
• Ego-less approach
• Providing timely and concise feedback
• Can operate in a fast paced, highly collaborative capacity across various locations and timezones.

50% hands-on creative

Strategic and conceptual problem solving across the entire marketing funnel.
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• Brand building and rebranding
• leading visual strategy
• 360 campaigns
• Big concepts and Design Systems
• Integrated brand initiatives
• real world canvas's
• Video

skills & Experience

I have 10+ years of digital agency experience with a full range of design styles & communication mediums.
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Qualifications include:
Solid knowledge of
•creative development process
•refining a brief
•providing constructive feedback
•dynamic presentation skills
•Production processes, tech, design and art theory.
• Adobe Creative Suite: PS, AI, ID, PR, AE, ME
• Figma

10 YRS




I enjoy synthesizing big data and human intelligence to connect emerging trends.

Social Video

Vlogging is my favorite medium to experiment with storytelling ideas quickly.


Advocate for diversity, inclusion and humanism through my work, approach, and leadership style.