Spec Ads

The New School:
: This ad speaks to grads who are exploring what their strengths are in various fields.
The ads say "You may be in the wrong class." They encourage students to follow their passions—what they have an affinity to.
FIELD PLAY app is a social/digital game initiative for The New School. As you play and learn career-specific technical skills, you can accumulate rewards that will save you money if you choose to enroll. Trade fields include: Hardware Design, Urban Design, Engineering, and more.


Who: This ad speaks to young adults that like the convenience of cooking something fast and easy.
They know what Stove Top is, and just want to enjoy the stuffing / and be entertained.
What: This ad pokes fun at a truth that people like to say things over food and sometimes mumble through the awkward parts.
: "It's easier to say with Stove Top, because it's harder to say, which makes it easier to say." says this truth in a memorable way a young adult would describe it.

Virgin Moibile:
Who: This ad speaks to young adults that look at their phone bill every month and don't enjoy their phone contract. They have high phone bills, stressful work environment, and you can catch them looking at cute animals on youtube to break up the day.
The tone of Virgin brands is over-the-top, luxurious, fun. This ad attempts to not look or sound like a phone carrier ad. It provides comic relief for an individuals affinity for cute animals but does not mock their intelligence by assuming only a cat can sell a phone plan. It provides entertainment value in saying a phone contract is more ridiculous than this talking cat.
A fictional story of how Richard came up with this $35 a month plan is conceptualized in the children's book magazine insert. The print ads show the cat, Miss Meomington, being a cat—and reminding the audience of how ridiculous high phone bills and phone contracts are.

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