The Carnival Prince

WHO: The audience for this childrens book like folklore and have either experienced Trinidad culture or are learning more about it.

WHAT: This is new folklore for the next generation and you can learn things about Trinidadian culture at the same time.

HOW: Bring this static book to life through motion graphics so you can hear the dialect, music, sound effects and spark visual interest for promoting the book during a live viewing of the film.

After refining the animations, I still felt the animation was missing somthing. Sound effects. The client loved my idea of adding minimal but key sound effects for each chapter. It would help push the story forward and add more realism. The client worked with his sound designer and then got the new tracks over to me. Keeping filenames the same, I simply updated the same audio files with the sound effects now baked in and then lastly I added credits. See above for Full Video.

The client wanted a number of various effects for each image ranging from parallax to specific scene transitions. I created a flexible workflow where I can direct, edit and animate the overall story for each chapter and then drop in the detailed animations as they are completed by the second animator who is located in Trinidad. I used DUIK, a free plugin for its time saving parallax and time remapping effects. Most of the animations were solved using simple warping, rotation, and distortion effects. I used animation composer to save time and maintain consistent animation effects and transitions across the entire book.


Upon reviewing the chapters, I realized that simply animating the picture as is would not be dynamic enough for the duration of the copy. Going through the story line by line, I generated a story board for each image that had unique cropping and parallax panning to keep the visual fresh and engaging. Each crop and pan within the image revealed new elements from the illustration that was relevant to the timing in the story. (Play example video above)

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