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Sigura Water

Apr 2020
Art Direction, Motion Graphics

Paid social media campaign

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Sigura Water Paid Social

WHO: People who work for retailers that buy and sell Sigura products, and also residential consumers who have a pool or a spa at their house—people who love using their pools / view their backyards as the best distraction to help them through the unsettling time in which we are all living. (During Covid-19)

WHAT: Introduce Sigura, and the fact that Sigura’s products have a 50+ year legacy of keeping pools safe, clean and clear.  Request Sigura products from your retailer or for your pool cleaning service.

HOW: A paid social media campaign that clearly presents Sigura as a new brand, and what it provides to people who own pools and spas. US + Canada versions. Also posted on their FB page here

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